Time to order potatoes and garlic!

Fall is upon us and it’s time to order your Goodfoot Farm Goods to store for winter.  This fall we are offering 6 varieties of potatoes along with garlic and garlic braids.  Due to our cool wet spring and some additional extenuating circumstances we did not grow winter squash this year…but rest assured we are missing it already and are planning for next year!  We have a lovely crop of onions but they have shown no intention of drying down for storage and are still merrily green and growing.  We have been selling them at the Corvallis Farmer’s Markets along with all varieties of potatoes and garlic as well as some assorted other extra crops.  Please visit our Ordering page to access the order form.  It can be opened, saved to your computer and filled out to return as an email attachment.  You can also phone in an order or visit us at the Farmer’s Market to place an order.  We will be attending the Fill-Your-Pantry Market again this year on November 12th and expect to be out of product after that date.  So get those orders in!

As always, thanks for your support!