The farm this week . . . March 10th

The sun has been shining on some grateful farmers this morning… Just about everything looks better (literally and figuratively!). We’re also enjoying a bit warmer weather. Let’s hope our crazy weather starts to swing more regularly into the bright side of spring. The farmers and plants can use it!

This week we start to move into what we call the “hunger gap” or “hungry gap,” a term coined by the Brits for that season when winter storage crops run out and we’re still waiting to plant main season crops. Back when folks really ate local, this time of the year really could be a hungry one.

This will be the last week for a number of our own winter storage crops (see below). New this week is lettuce. Green butterheads now; more varieties to follow. The kale and collard raab is starting to trickle in, as well as the purple sprouting broccoli. However, it’s looking like most of those field crops were killed by winter cold and so supply will likely be spotty. This was a very cold and wet (still wet!) winter for us and we will be strategizing on how to respond to potential extreme weather in the future. It’s interesting to note that disruptions in our national and global food systems due to weather have recently been reported: NPR: Sorry salad lovers, we may have no mesclun mix for two weeks.


Kale mix – $8 lb.

Cabbage, overwintered and fresh from the field! These heads may look a little rough from withstanding the onslaught of rain, snow, and low temps this winter season. Testimony to their resilience! Perhaps some of that quality passes on to those who eat them…. $1.50 lb

Lettuce – NEW! Green butterheads, $2.50 each

Escarole – $2.00 each. This versatile winter green is suited for use raw in salad as well as cooked in soups and sautés. It pairs well with strong dressings, fruit, and nuts; try in soups with beans and sausage. Lots of recipes on the internet!

Parsley – $1.75 bunch

Celeriac – $2.00 lb

Winter squash – LAST WEEK! Small Wonder Spaghetti, maybe a few Sliver Bell, $1.25 lb

Rutabaga – LAST WEEK! $2.00 lb

Parsnip – $2.50 lb limited amount this week – it’s been too wet to dig…

Leeks – $2.00 lb

Onions – yellow and red – $1.50 lb

Onions – yellow cippolini – $3.50 lb

Shallots –Dutch yellow, $6.00 lb

Potatoes – LAST WEEK FOR POTATOES!! Desiree (rose/yellow), Russet Norkotah – $1.50 lb